Cognitive-Cultural Economy

I had the pleasure of listening to Allen Scott yesterday – winner of the Sir Peter Hall 2013 Regional Studies Award

Cognitive-Cultural Economy was used to describe the emerging economy, much the same way as the Digital Economy or Information Economy has been discussed. The use of a different word here was particularly interesting as it did not carry the baggage from other uses. Digital and Information does have too close a link to the IT industry and can easily be confused.

A couple of other interesting points brought out in the talk were:

  • This is about urban and regional development on a global scale
  • The economy is multi-cultural and cross sectoral in nature
  • There are world cities that are emerging as power houses for this new economy (e.g. London, New York, Shanghai etc.)
  • At the heart there is core capability that defines their worth and at the periphery there is  entrepreneurship that delivers value to very specific/unique segments
  • Competition is based on quality of what is provided and earning trust

Not being familiar with his work a simple Google search revealed many works

Social Economy of the Metropolis: Cognitive-Cultural Capitalism and the Global Resurgence of Cities

I have decided to read “The Emergence of The Relationship Economy: The New Order of Things to Come” – to better understand his work.

Anyone read his work?

 Any guidance on where to focus effort my effort?


2 thoughts on “Cognitive-Cultural Economy

  1. Hi Rashik. Thanks for the mention. I would recommend my latest book “A World in Emergence” rather than “The SociAl Economy of the Metropolis” where the ideas are still in a rather preliminary stage of development. All the best. Allen Scott

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