Use data and human intelligence in the right combination..

I just listened to Sebastian Wernicke’s Ted Talk: “How to use data to make a hit TV show”. The phrase Sebastian used which was “the data alone will not give you the future answer you need you use the intelligence from the brain as well”.

Often in discussions I have around the data savvy culture and implication of this evolution, people become fearful of their own role – thinking that these “data driven robots will replace everything they do and they will no longer be valuable”.  This is far from the reality. The human ability to ask the right questions, sense the weak signals and understand the implications are two unique skills that are seemingly impossible to replace at this stage.

What I took away from this video was how important it is for all us to develop and hone our question asking skills and start to learn how to best use the wide range to data analysis tools at our disposal. I would recommend reading “A more beautiful question” as this is the best book I found to develop your question asking skills. In addition, stopping yourself from doing the same thing in the same way is another approach I found valuable.

What are your thoughts on the balance between data driven and human intelligence/instinct driven?




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